Q - What guarantee do you offer?

A - Our specialist roofing and roofline services and products come with a personal 5-year guarantee. Meaning if you find anything wrong with your installation in that time, we’ll come and fix it. No questions asked.


Q - Do you offer free estimates?

A - Yes, all estimates are offered free of charge.


Q - What colours can I have?

A - There are a wide range of colours and combinations to choose from.


Q - Why should I choose UPVC facias over wooden fascias?

A - UPVC is far more resilient to the elements than wood. Unlike wood your UPVC fittings will require no maintenance and won't distort or discolour.


Q - Will my UPVC fascia, guttering or cladding discolour?

A - No, our upvc products have been manufactured to the highest technological standards. They do not suffer from discolouration.


Q - Do you completely remove the old fascia/soffit boards or do you cap over with new UPVC boards?

A - The existing fascias and soffit boards are completely removed. We never cap over existing boards. Most timber fascias and soffits will have some level of rot normally on the fascia boards just below the tiles. Simply capping over the rotten board will effectively ‘box in’  the problem. The rot will remain and worst of all you wont be able to see it spreading. Any tradesman who recommends capping over your old fascias and soffits should be avoided.


Q - Will I be visited by a salesman?

A - No salesman will call. All quotations are carried out by Steve, the owner. In fact from the first call to completation of installation you deal with him direct, so you will have the confidence that the job will be well managed and completed to the highest standards.


Q - Where can I see independent reviews?

A - Click on the links to MyBuilder and google below to see reviews from people who have already had work done by us.


Q - How much will the work cost? I just need a ballpark figure!

A - This depends very much on the amount of work you are having done, and the size of your house. Please use the contact form to get in touch, or just give us a ring on the contact number. We are not pushy salespeople, but due to the huge differences in the types of jobs we do, it's impossible to provide generic quotes